A Different Kind

A Different Kind
Author: Lauryn April

Author Website/Blog: http://laurynapril.blogspot.com/

Publication Date: March 30, 2014

Summary: Payton Carlson’s life is perfect – until the night she’s abducted by aliens. Now she’s plagued by pieces of memories from a night that feels as hazy as a dream, and that’s not the only strange thing that’s been happening. When Payton’s neighbor, Logan Reed, who spends every night sitting on his roof staring at the stars, starts to pay extra attention to her, Payton starts to wonder if he knows more about the night she can’t remember than she does. Suddenly finding a date to the Homecoming dance and cheering at the football games aren’t as important as they used to be - especially when the aliens return for a second time. (Source of Summary and Book Cover: Goodreads)

Source: Author in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 4 stars 
Review: I really enjoyed this book. Now, if I had to categorize this book, I would call it a YA paranormal with a touch of sci-fi; yes there are aliens, but the sci-fi is not overwhelming it’s more of a blend that I think a larger audience will enjoy. 
I don’t have much experience reading about aliens, but I think Lauryn April’s take on them is pretty unique and original. The Greys are totally creepy, but a well-developed species. 
I loved the characters in this book. Payton starts out unlikeable but she grows so much throughout the novel that I couldn’t help but root for her. I love the way the author wrote the growth; she let us into Payton’s internal thoughts and reflections – I really hope this character inspires teens to be conscious of their words and actions. Logan is pretty awesome. Jo might be my favorite; she also grows in the book, but in a different way. Lauryn April is truly connected to her intended young adult audience, her characters feel like they could be from any high school and like any teen could relate to them. 
The plot moves at a good pace. There were a few times where it felt like it dragged a little, but the action scenes made up for it.Overall, I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

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