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Author: SJ Pierce
Publication date: April 1st 2014
Source: Received in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis:“My mom had always told me – when you meet “the one”, you’ll know; they’ll captivate your heart the moment you lay eyes on them. I had always wondered, though, if my mom’s words of wisdom were finite – if they applied to everyone. Maybe those who had found their one great love were the lucky few, and maybe the rest of us would have to settle for less than earth-shattering.”
Seventeen-year-old Kat Walsh is a Gifted – a human with paranormal abilities. With her mom a former Angel and her dad a dream prophet, it’s always been in her genetic make-up to be extraordinary. But, unfortunately for her, the world can’t handle the strange or unusual. So when she slips up and uses her powers at her high school in Ireland, the entire student body treats her like a freak – even the ones she thought were her closest friends.
Broken, but hopeful for a fresh start, she allows her parents to enroll her in a boarding school buried deep within the forests of a small Colorado town. At Midland Pines, School for the Gifted, she feels as though she can finally be herself; she makes new friends and even has the attention of the most popular guy in school – Levi. Everything feels normal again… or does it?
Not long after her arrival, weird dreams of an alluring boy whom she’s never met surface during the night, and the eerie, shadowy trees encircling their school seem to call to her. As these disturbing, yet enticing developments intensify, other bizarre occurrences happen – students and staff turn up missing, and mystery visitors leave gifts while she sleeps. With all of these other things fighting for her attention, a desperate Levi has to fight even harder to keep her interest. But with the dreams of the attractive boy slowly captivating her heart, Kat has to make a choice – will she settle for ‘great’ Levi, or will she search for her elusive dream visitor, possibly stumbling across ‘amazing’?
From the author of the Alyx Rayer Chronicles, comes a refreshingly different Young Adult series with plenty of love, suspense, and a new take on the Paranormal.
Recommended for readers 16 and up due to mature content.

Rating: êê


Realistically, this book is 1.5 stars, but I gave this book 2 stars because it did have a couple decent pieces that made it OK.

I love the idea of children of angels, it's one I have never read about. However the execution could have been better with more details about these people. 

At the start there was this in-your-face blatant attempt to avoid insta-love that I found even more annoying than actual insta-love. Then there was insta-love, which made the whole avoidance of insta-love even more annoying. The world building needs a lot of work, I had so many questions about where this book takes place and why things are they way they are. Unfortunately, I never got the answers.

The characters didn't do it for me either. The story is told from Kat's point of view and I found her voice to be annoying especially when it came to Levi and her mothers advice on love, it felt like to droned on and on and on about it. We barely get to know Gabe which makes the whole captivation thing concerning - how can you be captivated and not know someone?! 

 I struggled with this book. Reading was a chore, I found myself checking Facebook and email just because I was bored or needed space. I'm not sure I would recommend it.

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