Unrequited by Emily Shaffer
Release Date: 09/23/14
Swoon Romance
Source: Exchange for honest review
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Summary from Goodreads:
In the town of Belle Ridge there are doctors, lawyers and teachers... but there is only one vampire. Will Leighton has become an expert in making a life for himself amongst the unsuspecting small-town inhabitants, as the high school history teacher. He has spent hundreds of years crafting an identity and routine that make him feel almost human, but he is always missing that important final element, love.
Ashton Wallace is beautiful, smart, and angry. She was forced into an eternal existence, and now her family has moved her away from everything and everyone she knows. In Belle Ridge she is supposed to finish high school and start her life again, but how do you make plans for the next several centuries?
Will has never met another of his kind, and is immediately intrigued by Ashton. He longs to show her that the perceived vampire lifestyle, so popular in storybooks, is far from reality...but will she let him be a friend and guide in this new existence? Can Ashton accept Will into her life, or will she be led astray by a dark stranger with whom she shares an unknown connection?

Rating: êê

Within the first few pages I knew how this review was going to go. The writing starts off terrible - it felt like a young author who used a lot of adjectives to make up for telling and not showing. But I stuck it out because I had agreed to review the book. Eventually the writing gets better.

The author has clearly tried to put a unique spin on vampires, however my big issue here is that they aren't very vampirey. For example, they don't need to drink blood, they can be out during the day time, they can go to church, they don't have to be invited into someone's home in order to enter..... so, they are basically immortals who could drink blood if they wanted? And what's the deal with Ashton and Will both thinking they are the only vampires? Someone obviously created them!

The first half of the book is extremely dull. Ashton tries to go about her life, Will wants a relationship with her, la-di-da. But on the plus side, Unrequited seems to be the perfect title for this book.

Then there is this strange break in the book where we jump to "four years later" - it did not feel natural at all. Now, I am at about the 54% mark and all of a sudden we have a small plot twist. But, this dark strangerand his role are a bit predictable. Then we have another stranger brought into the mix, which feels like the author's attempt to thicken the plot, but it's actually pointless because it's handled way too easily.

And THEN, the mother of all pet-peeves happens: the book ends. Just like that it's over. Clearly the author is going for a cliffhanger, but it was actually just a pause in the story.

I gave this book two stars because despite it's faults, I was interested enough to keep reading.

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  1. I've heard about this one, and how it's meh. At least you got through it! I had no idea it had anything to do with vampires though! (I avoid vampire books and I don't know why, I should probably change that)


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