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Do you promote older posts on social media?

It seems like every time a log into twitter and scroll through tweets, I see several other book bloggers promoting their older posts using various hashtags to let you know this is an archived post. Sometimes I visit the links provided in the post, usually it depends on the content of the post. If it's a review post for a book that I am interested in or a discussion topic that sounds interesting, I will for sure click the link. So, it has got me thinking about archived posts and your thoughts.

I did a quick google search and found lots of articles about ways to improve blog traffic, including suggestions for tweeting archived posts, but nothing about the reasons behind this and the method to it. So, do you tweet or share archived posts via social media? If so, I have lots of questions for you!

How do you decide which archived posts to share?
I've seen all types of archived posts shared: reviews, discussions, and blog tours. Some bloggers seem to favor one type over the other, so I am just wondering how do you decide which archived posts are worth a second round?

How often do you share archived posts?
Again, I see some bloggers who do it daily, others do it on days where they don't have a new post to share, and others seem to do it randomly. What is your method and why?

Is it effective? How do you know?
I am assuming that most people do this in order to improve traffic, does it actually work? How closely do you monitor your stats in order to tell if it's working?

How do you share the archived posts?
I've mostly seen this done through tweets on twitter. Do you pre-schedule your tweets? Do you do it randomly? Do you use another platform to share?

As a reader and follower, how do you feel about people who share their archived posts?
Like I said, sometimes I click them and sometimes I don't. It really depends on how much time I have to read blogs and whether the topic sounds interesting.

Let me know your answers to my questions and the questions that you have in the comments!


  1. Unless the post sounds like something I really want to read, I don't usually click on it. That sounds bad, but it's just the way I am unfortunately. Great post!

  2. Oh I rarely click on archived posts, unless it interests me, but only by a lot. I am more interested in newer posts, because I like shiny new things! But if I were to promote my older posts, I would share the ones I am the most proud of (better writing, better content), and I would only share them through Twitter!

  3. Anonymous8/09/2015

    I promote archived posts occasionally, but not a lot. I always do it for discussion posts or other things I think people will find interesting, even if they missed it "the first time around." I don't see a lot of point in tweeting archived reviews.

    I don't get a lot of traffic from social media in general, though. so it's a tough call on whether promoting archived posts is "worth it" for me.

  4. I think most people use an app or plugin to do this. I use a WordPress plugin called Revive Old Posts. It automatically tweets old, random posts at scheduled intervals of your choosing. I think I have mine set to twice a day (every 12 hours).

    They work for me because sometimes when these tweets get sent out I get new comments on those posts. Plus, twitter is my highest referrer, and although I can't attribute that ALL to tweeting old posts, it's going to be some of it.

  5. I do promote older, but I don't promote it as an old post, I just promote it, because it doesn't matter how old the post is, especially on Blogger since there's no plugin for us, but it means people are interested in the content, not the age, you know? I don't think I have a method, I just do it whenever really, but I think it does work, people have visited older posts and checked them out, and it works, so I'm happy to do it. This is such a great post, good on you Emily for asking these questions! :)


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