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I think most avid readers reread a book at some point in their lives. I also think there are some pretty obvious reasons why we do this. Most often, the book is a favorite. I have read the my favorite book, Ender's Game about 5 times and each time I read it, I learn something new about the characters and a new theme becomes obvious. When books are part of a series, we often reread the earlier releases in order to get the most out of the latest book in the series. I have read and reread the Harry Potter series several times, I reread the first books in the series every time a new book was released. I read books 1 - 3 so many times that my copies were falling apart and my mom bought me a new set. What are your reasons for rereading a book?

While I am interested in your thoughts about when and why we reread, I am more interested in whether or not you review a book you've reread? I recently started rereading the Throne of Glass series in anticipation for book #4, Queen of Shadows. I fully intend to post reviews on my blog for these rereads because I have so many thoughts and feelings that I think need to be shared. 

But, should I update my previous reviews on Goodreads? I've noticed that some people do this and they keep their original review and post the reread review above or below the old one. To be honest, I don't read those reviews on Goodreads, because I feel like they are usually too long. How do you handle this situation, especially if your rating has changed with the reread?

I am super curious about your thoughts, policies, and opinions with rereads and reviews, please join the discussion. How do you feel about reading a review of a reread? 

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  1. Personally, I never review rereads. I just can't concentrate on the stuff that I talk about in my review when I reread a book. Also, most of the time I reread books because they're my favorites to begin with so my review wouldn't change much if at all. The one time I do change my reviews is when I review a book right after I read it but then a couple days later, after thinking about it some more, I add a couple more paragraphs and/or change the star rating. Or if there's a new edition of the book that has significant differences (most common in R&R books when authors ask me to read the new edition).

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


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