Top Ten Tuesday #15 (11/4/14)

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at The Broke and Bookish, and this weeks Top Ten is Top Ten Books I Want To Reread

The Warrior Heir (The Heir Chronicles, #1)Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1)Number the Stars

The Heir Chronicles by Cinda Williams Chima
Graceling by Kristin Cashore
Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)Ender's Game (The Ender Quintet, #1)Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)Stolen Songbird (The Malediction Trilogy, #1)

The entire Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling
Ender's Game by Orsen Scott Card
Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas
Stolen Songbird by Danielle Jensen

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)The Giver (The Giver, #1)To Kill a Mockingbird

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
The Giver by Lois Lowry
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee


  1. I definitely agree with Harry, Throne of Glass and Cinder. I however was not a fan of Traveling, the only character I liked was Blue.
    I haven't read any of the others.
    Monique @ Mo_Books

    1. Um Graceling, not Traveling lol darn auto correct wins again!

    2. haha Traveling

      Did you read Bitterblue? I think it was my fav in the series

    3. I didn't. I stopped after Graceling and never continued on with it. Can it be read without reading the second book in the series?

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Congrats! You can check out my post here: Love at First Write

  3. Harry Potter series, Throne of Glass, Cinder, and The Giver all made my list too! I have been wanting to read the Graceling trilogy for a while, I really need to get those books soon! And I want to read Stolen Songbird.
    Great list!

    1. Yes! I loved Graceling and Stolen Songbird, I definitely recommend them

  4. EMILY I actually didn't know the Heir Chronicles existed until now! Which is surprising because I should've discovered them a long time ago! But other than that, I agree with all your books on your list! Well personally I don't think I would read Graceling again, but The Giver, Cinder, Harry Potter, yes yes yes yes

    1. You must read the Heir Chronicles they are wonderful! I didn't know the author was continuing the series until I saw a giveaway on twitter. I can't wait to reread them and get my hands on the new additions.

  5. I'm pretty sure I always want to re-read Harry Potter hahah, great post :)


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