Review Policy

Information for Authors and Publishers

I am accepting review requests, however due to the recent high volume of requests I will only be replying to those emails with books I am interested in reviewing at this time.

Please take the time to carefully read the information contained on this page before submitting your request.

If you are an author or publisher looking for reviews here is what you need to know:
  • I will accept the following formats: physical books, mobi, or PDF. 
  • I will read ARCs and self published or indie authors, as long as books are available to the public. 
  • Digital books will never be shared. Physical books will never be sold, however I sometimes giveaway physical books, if you do not want your book given away you must explicitly state that when you send it to me.

Genre Preferences
  • I am currently accepting books in the following genres: young adult, new adult, paranormal, dystopian, contemporary, and fantasy. 
  • I am not accepting books in the following genres: self-help, non-fiction, religious titles, memoirs, crime, horror, or poetry. 
  • If you think I might like your book, go ahead and send a request; however I reserve the right to decline any request that I feel is not a good fit for me as a reader. 

How to make a request

Please email with your request. In order for your request to be considered, please include the following:

book title and synopsis
who you are
link to goodreads page or amazon page
author website/blog
feel free to include any additional information that may be helpful

Please wait till I have agreed to read and review before you send the book.

I will not read a Series out of order, if you are requesting that I read a book in a series, please check my archive to see if I've read the previous books in the series, if not, then please include all previous books.

What you can expect
Blog posts will include the following:
Title and Author
Link to Author Website/Blog
Publication Date
Summary (as provided in your request or as found on Goodreads or Amazon)
Honest Rating and Review*

I write short reviews. I write the type of reviews that I like to read. I say whether I like the book or not, and explain why by briefly discussing things that stuck out to me. 

*I will only write my honest opinion, whether it is positive or negative. Receiving a book for review does not influence my review in any way. I reserve the right to not finish a book and still complete a review post with "DNF" as the rating.

Reviews posted to Amazon by request.

Time Frame
I have a full time job and I go to school part time, I also have a personal life and lots of books on my TBR shelf. When I officially accept and receive a book, I will make every effort to read, review and post in a timely manner – usually within one month of acceptance and receiving the book.
**Please note, that these are my best intentions and are by no means a guarantee for turn around time.

Giveaways, Interviews, Guest Posts
I am open to doing giveaways, interviews and guest posts. Please email me if you are interested so that we can work out the details.

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