Brianna's Bewitching

Brianna's Bewitching

Author: Selene Grace Silver
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Publication Date: March 10, 2013
Source: Author, in exchange for an honest review
Summary: It’s 1977 and Brianna Marston is a feminist finishing up her final university courses. She’s a little bit wild, but isn’t that what being young and free is all about? It’s a new age for women and she intends to reap the benefits that new status provides her. She’s focused on developing a rewarding career and finding an adventurous lover. She’s also a witch-in-training. Her inherited powers are growing faster than her skill though. She’s not sure if one of her reality shifting spells is the reason she’s become the love interest of one LAPD officer.
Jack Ross never does anything without a well-thought out plan. On track to make detective within the year, he’s lined up a perfect woman to be his wife and raise their children. She’s thoughtful, gracious, and lovely to look at, and best of all, she’s not one of those radical bra burning feminists. She desires a traditional life as a wife and mother. If he doesn’t exactly love her yet, he’s sure that he will once they marry. He’s never been in love and it seems to him that it’s as easy to love one attractive woman as another. Then one unruly, mouthy blonde lands in his arms, disrupting all his carefully-laid plans. (Source of Summary and Book Cover: Goodreads)

Rating: 2 stars

Review: This is quick, sensual read.

While I enjoyed the book, I was never enthralled with it and it felt a little flat to me. We learn more about the characters in the synopsis than in the book. They felt a little rigid to me, like they were too stuck in their stereotypes. Brianna is a young witch, and yet there is very little in the novel about her craft, besides stating that she is one and that she cast a spell that shifted reality.

There was very little plot to the story – basically it’s a quick (insta-love) romance and the focus is on their sexual relationship. The erotic scenes were well written, and clearly there is some great sexual chemistry between the characters, however there was very little development in other areas of their relationship.

It was an OK story, but it didn’t feel complete to me, especially with the somewhat abrupt ending. There is definitely more to come in a second book.

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