Rowena's Key

Rowena's Key
Author: A. J. Nuest

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Publication Date: November 7, 2013

Summary from Goodreads: The key would unlock his future and the safety of his kingdom, but he never imagined the sorceress would unlock his heart…Antiques restorer, Rowena Lindstrom, finds herself the owner of an ancestral armoire containing a hideen key and a magic mirror leading to another realm! But the handsome warrior prince waiting on the other side is truly the final straw. This must be an elaborate joke, right? As she struggles to discover the truth, Rowena learns Prince Caesmon Austiere needs the key to save his kingdom. In the end, she cannot deny him anything. Including her heart.

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Rating: 4 Stars 

Review: This is a unique story. I love the idea of the two realms being connected by the mirror. I am also intrigued by the key and feel like there is more to learn about its importance. I like the characters. Rowena could have used a bit more development, especially because of the twist at the end, but she is likable. Oliver is hilarious! Caedmon is definitely perfect for his role in the story.

The romance happens quickly, and normally I hate that, however the circumstances in this story made it believable - definitely need to tip my hat to the author for achieving that. I was swept up in the romance and found it to be a nice touch.

This is a short book and I really feel like the story has the potential to stretch out quite well. I almost wish that instead of writing four novellas that the author would have written one longer book - because I just wasn't ready for the story to end.

The book ends quite abruptly and there is a definite cliff hanger. So, I am dying to read the next installment. All in all, it was a fun quick read. It has all the ingredients of a beautifully woven fantasy tale with just the right touch of romance.

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