The Steele Wolf

The Steele Wolf (Iron Butterfly, #2)
Author: Chanda Hahn

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Summary: After finally settling into her new life at the Citadel, Thalia is reunited with her father, who is disturbed at the changes within her. Risking banishment, Thalia must work to prove to her clan and herself that she is still capable of leading them. The problem is, her memories haven’t returned, and she cannot shake the feeling that she doesn’t belong.

Thalia discovers that betrayal runs deep within her clan, just as she sets out to join Joss and Kael in doing the one thing she fears most: track the Septori to save Joss’ kidnapped sister. Along the way, she must confront her own fears on a journey of self-discovery that will take her deep into the stronghold of Denai; as they travel to the ancient floating city of Skyfell. (Source of Summary and Book Cover:

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Rating: 4 Stars
Review: I liked this book much better than the first! It only took me a few hours to read it. 
There was a lot of improvement in the writing, character development and plot line in this book. The primary characters were much more consistent and even the secondary characters felt well developed. 
There was quite a bit of action in this book, which kept it moving and interesting. The love triangle was super annoying and I just wanted to throttle Thalia and scream at her to make the right choice. 
Some of my questions were answered and a few were added to the pile. The book doesn’t feel complete with the way it ended, which is frustrating, especially since the third book is not out yet.
I’m glad that I decided to continue the series and I am looking forward to the third book.
Date Read: January 12, 2014

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