Caedmon's Curse

Author: A. J. Nuest
Author Website/Blog:
Publication Date: January 9, 2014

Summary from Goodreads:  The two years Prince Caedmon suffered in the dungeons of Seviere’s keep left him with more than just lash marks lacing his back. He now retains the secret behind the key, and is the only one who understands its grim connection to his beloved Rowena. Torn between telling her the truth and risking their future, he agrees to join her perilous quest. But their enemies to the north are not the only menace determined to see them fail and, to prove his love, he must conquer the demons of his past.                                                                                                             
Join Caedmon and Rowena as they rediscover a love bound by fate, and struggle to unravel the significance behind  Caedmon’s Curse, Book III in The Golden Key Chronicles. 

Source: ARC from author in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 5 Stars

Review: This book is definitely my favorite in the series (at least so far)! I was sucked into this magical story and literally stayed up way to late to finish it because I simply could not put it down.
It was gripping, action packed, emotional, and super steamy!
To start, I love our characters. Rowena and Caedmon have most definitely grown on me. Rowena is still her feisty, but strong self, and I'm so glad to see her develop this way. Caedmon has remained true to his swoon-worthy self. As a pair, they are perfect for each other. I love how the author has managed to balance the genres of fantasy and romance, they blend together perfectly.

The action scenes are well-written and had me on the edge of my seat with my heart racing. There were quite a few twists in this book and several important pieces began to fall into place.

Yet again, the book ended with a cliff-hanger (Holy Cow! What an ending!) and I was not ready to put this story aside. I can't believe that I will have to wait for the next installment AND that the next book is planned to be the last. Seriously, this book took the series to a whole new level - if you haven't started the series yet, then you really should.
Dates Read: December 30 - 31, 2013

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