March 2015 Book Blog BINGO Link-Up

Welcome to the February Review and Progress Link-Up for the 2015 Book Blog BINGO Challenge. Before linking up, make sure you signed up for the challenge. Don't forget, you can update or change your goal at any time!

My Goal
A Double BINGO (2 traditional BINGOs in any direction)

My Progress

A book that takes place in a school: The School for Good and Evil
A book purchased in 2014: Shadow and Bone
The second book in a series: Siege and Storm
A book with magic or paranormal characters: Ruin and Rising
A book written by an author that you've never read before: The Donor
A book with romance: A Wizard Rises
A book published in 2015: Bright Fire

How is your challenge going? Share and link up in the comments


  1. I just bought Duff, that would be a good one for the movie square!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Thanks for the recommendation!


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