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Firebolt (The Dragonian, #1)
Title: Firebolt
Series: The Dragonian Series (Book 1)
Pages: 302
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Release Date: 20 November 2013
Publisher: GMTA Publishing – Mythos Press

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Book Description:Dragons. Right. Teenage girls don't believe in fairy tales, and sixteen-year-old Elena Watkins was no different. 
Until the night a fairy tale killed her father.
Now Elena is in a new world, and a new school. The cutest guy around may be an evil dragon, a prince wants Elena's heart, and a long dead sorcerer may be waking up to kill her. Oh and the only way Elena's going to graduate is on the back of a dragon of her own.
Teenage girls don't believe in fairy tales. Now it's time for Elena to believe in...herself.

About the Author

Adrienne Woods was born and raised in South Africa where she still lives with her husband and two beautiful little girls. When she’s not dabbing into all sorts of genres, written under various different pen names, she’s busy being a mother, and a loving wife. Family always comes first and her hobby has to wait till she gets a chance to write.

Introduction to Sammy Leaf 

Name: Sammy Leaf

Age: 16

Status: Fire – tail Dragon

Favorite Food: Sammy is a vegetarian but loves her fish, her favourite meal is raw fish giblets with Fire-powder

Favorite Drink: Firebeer, it’s like Rootbeer made from real fruit dashed with lots of Fire-powder

Favorite Saying: Verautiful and Frawsome, occationally she uses the phrase ‘crying out loud.’

Ability: Fire breather

Biggest Dream: Sammy doesn’t really know what it is she wanted to do after she graduated from Dragonia Academy, leaving her to try everything she can so hopefully she might fall in love with something. Drama being one of them.

Biggest Fear: That her Brother, the Rubicon would turn evil. She loved him too bits even though he makes her super mad at times.

Strong Points: Sammy always look on the positive side. She never stays dull for a moment and has a open mind.

Weak Points: Not scary enough, it’s one of the reasons she hasn’t found her red flame yet.

Personality: Sammy is a blabbler, she loves to talk a lot. She also loves to laugh and sounds like a hyena. She’s confident and not afraid to speak up or defend her friends when they needed her help. She is one of those dragons that would incinerate a body when a friend asks her to, without asking questions.

If you like to know more about Sammy, get your copy of Firebolt, Book1 in the Dragonian Series. 

Interview with Samantha Leaf 

I got a bit uneasy because I’m meeting for the first time a dragon. She’s female and I have no idea what to expect. There is a soft knock on the door. I take a huge breath and walk to open the door. What I found was not what I expected.

In front of me sits a beautiful red head, well it’s hard to explain. Her hair colour is brassy and she has the most beautiful hazel brown eyes, and deep dimples whenever she smiles.

Me: Sorry that I’m staring. Those eyes?
SL: (She started to laugh, like a hyena. It’s so contagious and I laughed with) I get that a lot. It’s a dragon thing.
Me: (I took another deep breath) So Sammy it is? Tell us a bit about yourself?
SL: How much time do you have? Just kidding. I’m from Tith, lives in one of the Dragon city’s called Borac. All the houses there are gigantic, cause it’s a dragon city. We love our true form so whenever home we can be free. I’m the sister of the Rubicon. Although he is one of the feisty dragons, I’m a Fire-tail. One of the Metallics. My brother is all the dragons in one. Where he is a complete pain in my parents butt sides, I’m their dream child. I give them no problems what so ever.
Me: (I started to smile as she just babbled on.)
SL: I go to Dragonia Academy, I don’t have a rider yet, but then again we are not like the Chromatics (meaning bad dragons) that you need to fight in the Coliseum until they surrender. No, we Metallics choose.
Me: So you are a Metallic and your brother a what?
SL: (She giggles.) A chromatic. It’s a breed of dragon that lingers a bit more to the dark side. They have all the abilities. You get the Night-Villain which is black. They look like their busy decomposing. My dad is a Night-Villain. They are acid breathers. Then you have the Green-Vapors, who are chlorine breathers. The snow dragon is white, and breathe a chilling frost, but they are so smart, and so scardy cats. Then you get the Moon-bolt, they breath lightning bolts and can see the future the older they get. My best friend Becky claimed a Moon-bolt a couple of months back. She is the bomb. Gave him all his hell. Last is the Sun-blast. They are red and like me, breathes Fire. Evil though, very vile creatures. Very difficult to claim one.
Me: So why aren’t you the same as your brother?
SL: You sound like Elena the first time we tried to explain it to her. I used kittens. When our mother lays an egg, our parents don’t know what they’ll get until we’re hatched. Just like Kittens look different, so are dragons.
Me: Interesting. Tell me a bit about Dragonia Academy?
SL: It’s an awesome school. It’s build on air, don’t ask me how. It just is, stuck in the sky and the view is breath taking. We have Enchantments. Although Spells don’t work on dragons, unless they are something physical, like you turn a tree into a life thing that kills people, we still need to know how to cast them.
Me: My eyes grew bigger. Did the tree killing thing actually happen?
SL: Not the tree creature, but there were once plant eating monsters. They used to devour anything that gets in their way. We also have Art of War. We need to know how to fight in our human form too, because you do get situations where dragons can’t turn into their true form.  Transformations teach us how to deal with scary situations and to not act with it. We are born to reveal our true self whenever danger is near. It’s something we can smell in the air when danger is near. Transformation helps us to stay in our human form. I know it’s sounds dumb but there are situations when you can’t reveal what you are, especially visiting this side. We have a Viden, she’s some sort of fortune teller, and a Moon-Bolt dragon, that can see the future. We are forced to see her once a month.
Me: You said forced, don’t you like the Viden.
SL: Believe me, when you meet her, you wouldn’t like her either. She is so vain and she thinks that we are so stupid and not know whenever she sucks something out of her thumb or makes a true revealing.
Me: (I had to supress my laughter.) There is a different with the two.
SL: She nods. If she makes a prophecy, then her eyes light up and she speaks in so many voices. Her wind blows in all directions and what comes out of her mouth is like a riddle. You have no idea what you have to do. When she gazes in her Crystal ball and roll her eyes over, she’s speaking bs.
Me: I couldn’t stop myself and starts to laugh)
SL: Tell me about it. (Sammy laughs too.)
Me: Well, Sammy. As much as I would love to chat to you more, our time is up. But I will definitely find out more about you in Firebolt. I can’t wait to read it.
SL: Yeah, I guess it’s a cool story. I’m still grounded from that last thing that happened, so you can be glad my mom said it’s fine for me to come and meet you.
Me: In that case, tell your mom I’m truly grateful. I wish you all the best for what to come and hopefully we’ll meet again.
SL: That will be nice.
She shakes my hand awkwardly, like she never done that before, wave goodbye as she almost exits the door and disappeared.
I took another deep breath. Thank heavens she was in her human form.


      “Dad, dragons...” I took a deep breath. Dragons didn't exist, but then the image of the huge thing that had flown past me a couple of seconds ago sprang into my head. “You mean that thing that passed us was a dragon?”
      He nodded, and looked over his shoulder, the terror returned to his stony features.
      Another one flew in front of the truck, and Dad hit the brakes. I shrieked as the car spun around on the turf a couple of times and came to a standstill on the dark stretch of road.                 
      Pushing my face against the cool glass of the passenger window, I searched the horizon for any sign of life. Apart from the pickup's headlights, there wasn’t a single light peeking through the blanketed darkness, and the rain crushing down played with my mind's eyes. Dragons don't exist.
     “You okay?” my father yelled.
     “I'm fine. Daddy,” I cried, as I tore my eyes away from the window.
     “Elena, I need to get out, okay─”
     “No, no, please don't leave me here!” I could feel the fear beginning to rise up again and my vision became blurry. Why am I afraid? Dragons aren't real.
     He cupped my face and made me look at him, his hands trembling. “Listen to me, Elena. Listen!”
     I tried to swallow my tears, but it was no use. They were caught in the back of my throat, silencing me as he said his goodbye.
     He hugged me tight and kissed me on my forehead. I could feel the love he had for me behind that kiss. My strength returned as I slowly came to terms with what I had to do.
     “You drive like hell, you hear me? Don't slow down for anybody. There's a motel on Interstate 40. Just stay on this road, you can't miss it. Someone named Matt will meet you there.”
     “For the love of blueberries Dad, it's pouring dogs and horses outside. I can't leave you here with whatever...” I screamed. We can rationally sort this out.
      Dad cringed and looked down for a minute. When he looked at me again, that set to his jaw was back. I knew my words hadn’t made an impact on him whatsoever. He had already made up his mind for the both of us.          
      A man appeared in the middle of the road. The rain made it hard for me to see him, but the headlights of the truck outlined his figure. I squinted to see him clearer. The man was tall, with long black hair hanging in wet strands that clung to his face. He wore a pair of pants, no T-shirt, and it looked like no shoes either. He stared at the pickup for a couple of minutes, and it made my heart pound faster. He began to walk slowly towards us.
     “Daaaaad?” I slapped his shoulder, trying to expel the fear from my body.
     “Elena.” He grabbed my wrist. “I'll be fine. You need to go. Now. And, Bear, I'm so sorry. Whatever happens, don't stop for anything.”
     “Dad?” Tears streamed down my face and my lower lip quivered like mad. He kissed me one more time on my forehead and wiped away my tears gently with his thumbs.
     “I'll meet you there.” He climbed out the truck and slammed the door in my face. I just kept staring at macho loon making his way towards Dad.  I moved quickly into the driver’s seat, took a deep breath, and buckled up. With my hands trembling on the steering wheel, I took another deep breath.
     You can do this, my conscience rambled a couple of times in my head.  The key sat lazily in the ignition, and I jerked it to the right. The pickup sputtered and died. The guy disappeared into the darkness, and a new set of fear pumped through my veins.
     “No, no, no, no! Please don't die on me now,” I mumbled frantically as I tried to restart the engine. The man appeared again by the faint glow of the headlights. He was getting closer.
     “Start you stupid piece of crap!” I yelled over the roar of the blood pumping in my ears.

     The engine came to life and I screamed as the man's figure leaped toward the pickup. Dad jumped from the asphalt and tackled him in mid-air. “Go, Elena!” he shout over the pounding rain.

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